1.1. Business Integrity and Ethics :

a. Conflict of interest : Struggle of intrigued is characterized as a circumstance in which a individual has intrigued or is in a position to determine individual benefits from activities or choices made in their official capacity, counting but not restricted to monetary intrigued, possession intrigued, etc.


  • Policy to provide guidance in identifying and handling potential or actual conflict of interest.
  • Communicate effectively with your employees to help them in identifying and handling conflict of interest.

b. Bribery, corruption, gifts and donations :

Bribery is characterized as a installment, remunerate or any kind of advantage advertised, guaranteed or given to any individual, gather of people or individuals of their quick family in arrange to pick up any commercial, administrative, or individual advantage. Debasement is characterized as abuse of position or control picked up in official capacity for private pick up. Gifts are characterized as any commitments made to impact any choice or pick up any commerce or budgetary advantage


  • We should not offer or accept any undue advantage such as money, gifts, favors, donations, discounts, services, loans, contracts etc., in order to influence decisions and secure gains for business.
  • We should adhere to applicable anti-bribery

c. Confidentiality :

Privacy could be a set of rules or a guarantee that limits get to or places limitations on certain sorts of data. Secret data is characterized as data, specialized information or know-how counting, but not constrained to, data relating to company’s inquire about, items, computer program, administrations, advancement, innovations, building, promoting, methods, clients, estimating, inner methods, trade and promoting plans or techniques, accounts, representatives, commerce openings, supplies, drawings, apparatuses, molds, colors, installations, models, fabric and fabricating determinations, forms given to the supplier. Mental property is intangible property that’s a result of inventiveness, for case scholarly and creative works; plans; and images, names and pictures utilized in commerce.


  • We ensure that confidential information has a restricted and controlled access. You restrict employees from discussing and sharing confidential information, and train them on the importance of confidentiality and related aspects.

d. Anti-competitive and restrictive trade practices :

Restrictive trade practices refer to strategy used by companies to restrict competition in a given market preventing fair competition.


  • We never enter into a joint agreement to not do business with certain trade partners and customers with GCPL Competitors