a. Forced And Child Labour

Constrained and child work characterized not to utilize any individual underneath the age of 18. We entirely forbid the child work at any organize of our trade handle, we don’t designate any work by forced. we must not utilize obligation servitude work, human trafficking or advanced day subjugation. As per the nearby law we are exceptionally particulared in this things.


  • Security person will check the address ID proofs of employees before entering into the company.
  • We always follow and stand by the rule.

b.Compensation And Working Hours

Remuneration and working hours characterized as compensation and work laws. We have a strandard rules and controls for working hours, we permits as it were a common move to the works, the extra time will be permitted as it were in case the work target is settled, we pay remuneration for additional working hours. The rest periods will provide to representatives as per the company standards.


  • We optimize standard wages and follows hours laws.
  • Provides a proper rest period whenever employee in need


Non discrimation is characterized as contracting an employe in unjustifiable way,we don’t contract and employ on the essential of racicsm, gender,age,nationality,religion,sexual orientation,maritual status, citizenship,medical condition. We take after the hone of equality,we treat everybody in same way without any prejudice.


  • We do not treat any employees with their race,age,gender etc.
  • We give the same priorties to all the employees.

1.3 Accountability And Transparency

a.Maintaining Appropriate Financial Records

Accounts transprancy implies offers a clear adjusted see of a company, We get ready and keep up fitting monetary records of our commerce, we continuously bargains the precise accounts and money related reports appropriately. each and each responsible exchange are keeping up in standard level in, which takes after, handle and check month to month astute.


  • The financial records are maintaining in a limit,which does not extend to public

b.Legal And Regulatory Compliance

Administrative compliance is an organization’s adherence to laws, directions, rules and details significant to the trade, we entirely takes after the rules and directions of the government, and their laws and all other universal laws ,too must doing in licenses and appropriate enrollments for each. All in lawfully kept up.


  • With all the permit and laws,we are legally going organisation with the proper government registration.
  • We follows with all the rules and regulatories.